What We Do

What We Do

Drug Treatment Center

Dr. Baylor Jewell has many years of experience in the field of addiction. His experiences has helped hundreds of people get and stay “clean” with a return to a normal life. 

Our goal is to help patients understand their problems so that they can come up with solutions to return to a normal life without addiction. 

A Helping Hand in Curing Your Addiction

Dr. Baylor Jewell M.D.

Dr. Baylor Jewell graduated from New Orleans LSU Medical School in 2003 and has been an Emergency Room Physician for 10 years. His experience with working with people impaired by addiction began through the Mississippi Professional Health Program and nine years experience as a volunteer chaplain at Angola . He has worked with individuals with addictions at his addiction practice while working as an emergency room doctor. 

Dr. Jewell has been to numerous courses and conferences learning the best way to help patients dealing with addictions. He has even done the implants for Suboxone. Dr. Jewell also does monthly injections of Suboxone.

Dr. Jewell is interested in working with people in all areas of addiction medicine, but his passion is helping those with opioid addiction return to a normal, happy, and prosperous life. 

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