Patients & Testimonials

Patients & Testimonials

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You can print and complete this patient form in advance. This will allow us to process your information more rapidly and potentially get you treated more quickly.

Our goal is to help patients understand their problems so that they can come up with solutions to return to a normal life without addiction. 

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At Bayou Recovery Center, we understand the struggle of fighting addiction and respect the hard work it takes to overcome it. Please contact us today so we can help you begin your road to recovery.


“My Experience with Suboxone can be simply summarized by saying, It saved my life and career. Suboxone allowed me to develop a routine of monthly scheduled doctor appointments and a good structured work routine. While taking suboxone I can maintain my career and personal life with no issues. Suboxone is clearly the absolute best solution for opioid dependency.” ~ Anonymous

I know in my heart I would be dead today if it was not for Suboxone. I had a successful business, a social life, and lost everything. Today I am on the road back to getting my complete life back.” ~ Anonymous

“I have tried a number of times to get off illegal drugs. I would quit but within a few weeks I would be back doing the same drugs. When I started the Suboxone, within a short time, I had no cravings for all the other drugs. It allowed me to make better decisions about my drug habit and to get my life back.” ~ Anonymous

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